Powerhouse Rocker Jesse James Dupree Releases New Solo Album

Jesse James Dupree with Nigel Dupree and Roman Glick

Jesse James Dupree has just released a new solo album, the first in 15 years, called “Breathing Fire”. AC/DC and Brian Johnson inspired the album, and Brian collaborated on three of the ten album tracks. The album was created organically after Jesse was listening to some favorite AC/DC albums. He picked up his guitar right about the same time, and his son, Nigel walked in the door. Brian Johnson coincidentally called Jesse a few days later for the first time in 6 months and the trio started collaborating on tracks and the album just came together. Brian’s influence is most evident in the “Kill the Sunshine” track. Brian and Jesse first collaborated in 1997 on Jackyl’s “Cut the Crap” album as Jesse is the frontman of the rock band Jackyl. The “Breathing Fire” album has already hit over 200,000 viewed streams as of 12/21/2023.

The short production time of the album’s creation is a precursor of the great energy and music of the album. It is all kinds of fantastic rock-n-roll power guitar performance. It had me dancing around the house to all 10 tracks. The AC/DC influence is fully felt and heard. It is more of the kind of music I grew up on and still love.

The tracks are:

Jesse James Dupree new solo album "Breathing Fire"
  • · Lay It On Me
  • · Never Gets Old
  • · Breathing Fire
  • · It’s Not Love
  • · Stranded
  • · Born to Ride the Lightning
  • · Kill the Sunshine
  • · Over My Dead Body
  • · White Flag
  • · Rappa De Pappa

The track “Stranded” has a special inspiration; a friend of Jesse’s sent him a video of a Korean War Veteran being honored after being in the “Battle of Chosin Reservoir.” This soldier fought and killed three Chinese soldiers with a knife while stuck in a foxhole during minus-30-degree weather. The weapons would not fire because of the cold. The soldier was part of the “Darkhorse” group of the 3rd battalion. He was one of only 15 soldiers who walked out of there the next day from a group of 315 guys. Talk about some top-notch American soldier badassery!! Jesse wrote the lyrics after watching the video.

“You’ll remember me longer than you were able to know me,

Last night I was stranded this morning you’re free,

Last night I was branded by the dark horse that walks beside me,

Last night I was handed no apologies.” “Stranded” excerpt

The video for “Never Gets Old” has the fonts of 32 rock artists featured in it to honor some of the biggest names in Rock N Roll Jesse used to camp out overnight to get tickets to, ironically AC/DC was one of them.

Jesse’s energy has no limits as he is currently on two tours simultaneously, one is the new solo album and one is with Jackyl, the group is always on tour. Jesse is involved with several other projects at the same time. He is the owner of Mighty Loud Entertainment, a record label and artist management company. He is co-owner and entertainment director of Full Throttle Saloon, the country’s largest biker bar. Owner of Jesse James Spirits, known for “Jesse James America’s Outlaw” beer and bourbon lines. A business consultant for Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Company. He does it all for his amazing family.

On Himself

In the interview, Jesse revealed how dynamic he is. While researching to learn more about this icon, I read an excerpt about “unsuspecting diners”. I asked him about it. Jesse revealed in the early 1990s, there were a bunch of radio personalities at a Longhorn Steakhouse. Jesse left quite an impression when he took a chainsaw to the table and sent wood chips all over the place cutting the table to pieces and making a huge raucous, to say the least.

Jesse knows how to promote himself and his endeavors. He has jumped off a bridge, been blown up in a box of dynamite, and been shot out of a cannon among many other stunts. “I would catch a bullet with my teeth.” He revealed to me. He knows how to grab the tiger by the tail.

On Full Throttle Saloon/Pappy Hoel Campground

The 84th Sturgis Rally – The Pappy Hoel Campground offers 1000 RV sites, along with cabins, and tent sites. They plan out great activities to keep attendees busy. The compound consists of 600 acres with the Bear Butte in the background. There is a breakfast and a dinner buffet for attendees. The 2024 rally will have old wooden bridges refurbished for rallygoers to stand on to watch concerts. Additional amenities include an Olympic-sized swimming pool and the largest stage in South Dakota.

On Rolling Daytona

Starting Jan 4, 2024 Rolling Daytona opens the chance to win a 2022 Harley Davidson Street Glide Motorcycle or many other prizes such as a 4-night trip to Daytona Bike Week, a gift certificate for a pair of ($600 value) wristbands to the Full Throttle Saloon/Pappy Hoel Campground at 2024’s Sturgis rally, a signed guitar from Jesse James Dupree, Swag Bags, and much more!

Get your voucher at any one of the participating Harley Davidson Dealerships, each dealership will only receive 200 vouchers to hand out. Another way to register is to stop by participating dealers and ask for the codeword of the day or to get more information.

There will be 10 lucky finalists onstage with Jesse James Dupree on Saturday, March 12, 2024, right before the free Jackyl at the 81st Daytona Beach Bike Week. This is in conjunction with the VFW supporting our veterans, Harley-Davidson, and Jesse James Bourbon.

You can check out the new album at https://www.jessejamesdupree.com/breathing-fire/. He has other cool stuff for sale, including autographed items, so check it all out.

Make your Full Throttle & Pappy Hoel Campground reservations or get more information here https://fullthrottlesaloon.com/ and https://pappyhoelcampground.com/.

Thank you, Jesse, for taking the time to talk with me. Thank you for the inspiration. Thank you, Steve Karas at SKH Music at https://skhmusic.com/.

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